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Starting at $4250.00

The Orbot is the most versatile, compact commercial and residential orbital floor machine on the market. With it's unique driver system, assortment of pads and brushes, it can be used to clean, scrub, sand, strip, and polish any carpet or hard floor.


The Orbot Vibe has been designed to fit any budget. Save yourself time, money and labor by owning one machine that does it all. By incorporating our patented dual-action orbital system, the Orbot Vibe generates a powerful form of agitation that delivers superior results in all professional deep and interim cleaning, scrubbing, grinding, stripping, and polishing applications.


The Orbot Micro is the easiest orbital dual driver tool to clean stairs and upholstery.


The Orbot LiFe is the most versatile lithium-ion battery powered, dual action orbital floor machine.

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