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SteamAction Truckmounts







Stealth Truckmounts Are Very High Performance

  • Vacuums up to 6,000 feet
  • High continuous heat up to 270 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Ultra high speed drying time, minutes not hours
  • More soil removal, up to 90% cleaner
  • Up to 99% more reliable than the competition
  • Heat exchangers with a ten year warranty
  • Up to 75% better fuel economy with diesel or gas
  • Simplicity - only three systems with moving parts
  • Five year warranty on our truckmounts with Caterpillar engines, General Pump and Dresser Roots blowers
  • Simply the most powerful, reliable truckmounts in the world


Gasoline Powered Water-Cooled Truck Mounts
Stealth Fighter - 50 HP Kubota Engine, 5600 Blower
Stealth SAM    -120 HP GM, 6 Cylinder Engine, 9000 Blower

Diesel Powered Water-Cooled Truck Mounts
Stealth Challenger  51 HP Kohler Engine, 5600 Blower
Stealth Rhino -       60 HP Caterpillar Engine, 6800 Blower


60 Hp Caterpillar C2.2t Diesel In Stealth Rhino



The 50hp Kubota



Nike Truckmounts
Nike GX690 



The Nike GX690 has a super reliable Honda 22.3 hp gasoline, air-cooled engine.  It has proven to be a very reliable, long lasting engine - great for that one wand application.  We sell a complete package including 65 gallon stainless steel tanks, hoses, reels, and wand.  Great for anyone just getting into the business.  We also can modify the package for those wanting to upgrade or change out their truck mount.


Nike Magnum  



Our Nike Magnum Truck Mount features a 40 hp Kohler gasoline, air-cooled engine.  Like the GX690, this is a complete package.  The Nike Magnum is a dual wand system including stainless steel fresh water and recovery tanks, hoses, reels, and of course two 12" titanium s-bend wands with teflon glides.  Like the GX690, if you already have your equipment, we can adjust this package to fit your needs.

Our patented heat exchangers provide 250 degrees consistent heat in just 120 seconds from start up.  You won't be disappointed with the performance of our Nike Magnum!


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