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Rinse & Protect (CST1010)

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May be used on upholstery marked "W" or "W/S".

Rinse and Protect

With a pH 3, Rinse and Protect  is a  New Nano-Technology Polymer which Encapsulate beyond the surface deep into the fiber with Anti-Stain and Anti Re-Soiling properties, helping to release soils during regular maintenance, spot cleaning, and professional cleaning. Rinse and Protect neutralizes alkalinity, reducing wicking on both carpet and upholstery. Rinse and Protect may be used on upholstery marked "W" or "W/S". Rinse and Protect prolongs fiber life through Superior Protection. It is Safer Home approved, Non Toxic, Safe on WOOL, Pet and People Safe, and is an Anti-Allergen. Rinse and Protect  is an economical Must Have Product!  Why just rinse when you can protect as well with no additional labor, or product cost?

It has never really made sense to buy more powerful equipment to get a carpet dryer faster... then go and spray water and more chemical back on the carpet, then rake it in. With Rinse And Protect that is a thing of the past!!  Spray down your favorite  prespray then simply rinse with Rinse and Protect... all done, already worked into the fiber, and dry time is increased!  No Fuss...No Muss... Done and Done.. Discover Rinse and Protect, and reap the benefits!!

May be used on upholstery marked "W" or "W/S", carpet even natural fiber carpeting!

VOC compliant in all 50 states.



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