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Gum Wand (GW1)

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A self contained (no electricity required) portable chewing gum removal machine. This LP powered gum remover quickly dissolves gum from concrete, pavers, brick and asphalt surfaces with complete success.


Gum Wand (gum removal machine)

  • Removes up to 500 gum spots per hour
  • Breaks down chewing gum in 3-5 seconds
  • No electric cords needed during operation - rechargeable batteries provide up to 36 hours of continuous use
  • Ultra quiet for anytime use
  • No harmful chemicals - vegetable derived cleaner is safe for indoor use
  • Eliminates water waste - residue can be swept away with a broom
  • Brushes available in brass for hard surfaces and nylon for carpets and soft surfaces
  • User-friendly controls and maneuvers easily on wheels

Portable Chewing Gum Removal Machine

In seconds the Gum Wand transforms chewing gum into a powder that can be easily brushed away without damaging the surface. Using a concentrated environmentally-friendly solution it breaks down chewing gum to its molecular level. The system will quickly and easily removes gum from virtually any surface.

  • Removes chewing gum in seconds
  • No high pressure water sprays so no mess and less risk
  • Highly concentrated cleaner
  • Interchangeable brushes allow interior as well as exterior use
  • No damage to concrete, asphalt, carpet
  • Uses 1 bottle of concentrate per tank (2 hours of use)
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