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Compact 47


Cleanco takes pride in the practical configuration of our equipment. With every Cleanco Compact direct drive truckmount, you have free open cargo space in your van. Using the least amount of cargo space allows room for other equipment required in the daily operation of your business. Strategically placing the equipment in the van also ensures even weight distribution, increases passenger safety and vehicle longevity.


Compact 47 - Extraordinary Engineering

  • High Heat: up to 240°F working water temperatures for exceptional cleaning results 
  • Powerful Performance: 490 CFM for fast drying time, adjustable pressure for upholstery, carpet and hard surface cleaning
  • Fuel Efficiency: the Electronic Throttle Module (ETM) regulates the host vehicle RPM reducing fuel consumption
  • Compact Design: 25" is all that’s required, leaving the rest of your cargo space available for other equipment
  • Safety Features: Park Break Sensor, High Temperature Shutdown, Waste Tank Full Shutdown and Security Hose Ports to keep your equipment safe while you work
  • Warranty: 5 Year Extend-A-Care Warranty protects your investment for years to come


  • Engine: Direct drive system powered by host vehicle engine
  • Blower: Roots 47 Whispair DSL (dual splash lubricant, no grease fittings), 490 CFM, oil site lines & lube port on front panel
  • Filter System: Twin 2.5" stainless steel blower protection filters, lift out lint basket
  • Pump: 5CP Cat Pump, clutch activated, 1200 PSI factory setting adjustable down to 50 PSI
  • Heat Method: Dual reverse flow heat exchangers, 200°F water temperature up to 240°F with optional Heat Max P.T.I. post heat system
  • Gauge Package: vacuum gauge, hour meter, blower speed tachometer, water pressure gauge, water temperature gauge
  • Waste Tank: 100 gallon powder coated 3/16 marine aluminum with ‘Flow Max’ unrestricted airflow design, sloped floor for easy draining, 120 gallon optional
  • Drain System: 2" drain valve or optional external auto drain
  • Freshwater Tank: optional 120 gallon Horizontal or Aqua Storage tank
  • Dimensions: 58" L x 25" W x 37" H
  • Weight: 680 lbs 

Standard Equipment:

  • Precision Balanced PTO 
  • Drive Shaft 100 Gallon Waste Tank 
  • Roots 47 Whispair DSL Vacuum Blower
  •  5CP Clutch Activated Cat Pump 
  • Dual Coolant Heat Exchangers (205°F max) 
  • Dual Solutions Connections 
  • Dual 2" Vacuum Connections
  •  Dual Speed Settings (carpet & upholstery) 
  • Quick Release Control Panel: gauge package, pressure & temperature adjustment, chemical flow meter, pre-wired auto drain, pump & blower oil site lines, blower lube port 
  • Stainless Steel Carpet Wand 
  • 150 ft x 2" Vacuum Hose 
  • 10 ft x 1.5" Lead Hose 
  • 150 ft High Temperature Solution Hose 
  • Chemical Jug & Holder 
  • Interior Light Package 
  • Park Break Sensor 
  • Security Hose Port 
  • High Temperature Shutdown 
  • Waste Tank Full Shutdown 
  • 5 Year Extend-A-Care Warranty 
  • Operation& Maintenance Manual 
  • Embroidered Cleanco Jacket                            Starting at only $27947.34

Prices subjet to change with out notice.

Call 970-669-5407 For Price and Availability

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